Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Oozings from the Inner Mynde - Volume 1: Mirrors, Doors & Dreams

What started off as a project of compiling some psychedelic bands with tracks that I've rarely or never seen on the countless compilations out there soon turned into a monster. The idea originally was just to make 3 volumes of this, but my "shortlist" of songs just grew and grew. The end result, 7 volumes of psychedelic music covering the years 1966 to 1976.
The main objective:  No theme to any volume, each one will include bands from all over the world. No band to be featured more than the once, though there are 2 tracks from Kaleidoscope, the UK and USA versions. All original years of release and origins of the song are tagged in the comments. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my selections!
Also, a big shout out to my long time pal Manerg, for great help with the titling of these volumes.

01. Banchee - I Just Don't Know (3:15)
02. The New Tweedy Bros! - Somebody's Peeping (4:28)
03. Octopus - Thief (3:36)
04. Colours - Rather Be Me (3:35)
05. Food - Inside the Mirror (2:20)
06. Pisces - Dear One (3:13)
07. Los Vidrios Quebrados - Oscar Wilde (2:01)
08. Kensington Market - Speaking of Dreams (2:26)
09. Christmas - Goin' to Oklahoma (3:58)
10. Kaleidoscope - Snapdragon (2:41)
11. Chrysalis - April Grove (2:51)
12. Bow Street Runners - Another Face (5:11)
13. Charlie & Esdor - Dagen Är Över (4:20)
14. Blues Magoos - There's a Chance We Can Make It (2:12)
15. Time - Introductory Lines (3:20)
16. Sam Gopal - The Sky is Burning (2:28)
17. The Troll - Everybody's Child (2:51)
18. The Baroques - Musical Tribute to the Oscar Meyer Weiner Wagon (3:37)
19. Young Flowers - Oppe I Træet (3:14)
20. The Savage Rose - I'm Walking Through the Door (4:28)
21. Ultimate Spinach - (Ballad of the) Hip Death Goddess (8:13)

FLAC:  Part 1  Part 2
  MP3:  Here!


wajorama said...

Thanks a lot slugbucket: very, very nice choice!! It's a magnificent first part!! Will look for the other 6 volumes.

Tommy D said...

Thanks a lot amigo Slugbucket.
It seems like a promising and wonderful offering this comp of yours.
Thanks also for leaving the link at Phrockblog1.
May your blog last a lifetime.

Oklo Audio said...

you're a scholar and a saint, sluggo! thanks!

Jose said...

A must.Nuggets,Real Life...and many other compilations are on the same QUALITY than this one.Flac and DR 10.

Anonymous said...

Thank's for the memory(s)