Friday, 22 April 2011

Musings from the Outer Mind

This is a collection of songs that didn't quite make it into the 7 previous volumes, plus a few songs that I just plain forgot!

1. The Surprise Package - New Way Home (3:53)
2. The C.A. Quintet - Cold Spider (4:43)
3. The Gremlins - Kingsforth Hemmingseen (3:12)
4. Sproton Layer - Sister Regis (1:58)
5. Wallace Collection - Get Back (4:05)
6. Things To Come - Darkness (4:06)
7. Survival - Nothings Monument (3:32)
8. Michael Yonkers Band - Boy In The Sandbox (3:46)
9. Bent Wind - Touch Of Red (3:14)
10. Jason Crest - Turquoise Tandem Cycle (3:40)
11. Cold Sun - Twisted Flower (3:02)
12. Darius - Sweet Mama (2:34)
13. Please - Strange Ways (3:26)
14. Mystic Siva - Spinning A Spell (3:22)
15. The Five Day Week Straw People - Does It Rain (3:29)
16. Relatively Clean Rivers - Journey Through The Valley Of O (4:08)
17. Dantalian's Chariot - World War Three (4:11)
18. Tomorrow - Now Your Time Has Come (4:53)
19. Locomotive - Nobody Asked You To Come (3:15)
20. Hell Preachers Inc. - Spy In Space (4:22)
21. Rodriguez - Only Good for Conversation (2:24)
22. Marmalade - I See The Rain (3:48)

This oddity from the Oozings series has now been revamped, renamed and is now volume 20 of the series. New download links can be found HERE!


robotnik said...

Magnificent series in beautiful packaging! Many thanks!

Tommy D said...

Well hello there my good man !!
Thanks for keeping your promise of issuing a bonus CD.

In reality, there is so much material out there, to continue with the idea of compiling great unknown or rarely heard songs.

Have you considered using material contributed by your visitors ??

It would be a good idea if the Flac format is to be used whenever possible.

I would be happy to contribute with some stuff... individual songs...

I noticed that you included music from other cultures and languages.
I have some Psychedelia in Spanish, as well as in English.

But definitely you have a winning idea with these fantastic compilations.
Thanks Bro.

slugbucket said...

I'd definitely welcome any contributions to my blog. So anything you feel you need to share, Tommy, I'd be more than happy to post on here.

And what you say about FLAC I agree with. It's only the past few weeks I've decided to post much more in FLAC as well as mp3. Though I'm going to have a little break from making any compilations for a little bit as this project more or less took over my life for a good few weeks!

Jose said...

Thanks to your great oozings compilations,here it´s a compilation A SPLASH OF COLOUR

Anonymous said...

Link to part 3 of the FLAC is bad.


The Rock in Egg

slugbucket said...

Thanks for letting me know, The Rock in Egg. I've now fixed but if you've downloaded the previous 2 parts they're probably no good and you'll have to download all 3 new links. Cheers.