Wednesday 16 June 2021

The Fall - Enigrammatic Dreams


So, here's another compilation of The Fall! The idea for this came when I was looking at the excellent blog The Fall In Fives, reading about the many songs the band have covered throughout the years. So I decided to compile my favourites from the songs listed, never realising there'd been so many. Some you'd hardly recognise from the original, some you might think they've absolutely ruined, some you might think totally surpass the original recording. But they all have one thing in common, the distinct sound of Mark E Smith interpreting them in his own "enigrammatic" way.

More detailed info such as origin of each recording by the band is included in the download file. I've also taken the extra step of including who the original artist of each song was in the tracklisting below. Hope you all enjoy!

01. I Can Hear the Grass Grow (2:48)
Original artist: The Move (1967)
02. F-' Oldin' Money (2:45)
Original artist: Tommy Blake (1959)
03. Strangetown (2:44)
Original artist: The Groundhogs (1970), the original was called 'Strange Town'
04. Popcorn Double Feature (3:40)
Original artist: The Searchers (1967)
05. Kimble (3:53)
Original artist: The Creators (1968)
06. Bourgeois Town (3:39)
Original artist: Lead Belly (1938), original title was 'Bourgeois Blues'
07. Last Chance to Turn Around (3:24)
Original artist: Gene Pitney (1965)
08. War (2:34)
Original artist: Henry Cow / Slapp Happy (1975)
09. Just Waiting (4:35)
Original artist: Hank Williams (as 'Luke The Drifter') (1951)
10. I'm Not Satisfied (2:56)
Original artist: Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention (1966)
11. Gotta See Jane (2:22)
Original artist: R Dean Taylor (1968)
12. Funnel of Love (2:54)
Original artist: Wanda Jackson (1961)
13. Rollin' Dany (2:22)
Original artist: Gene Vincent (1958), original was called 'Rollin' Danny'
14. Victoria (2:42)
Original artist: The Kinks (1969)
15. Lost in Music (Mix 7) (4:34)
Original artist: Sister Sledge (1979)
16. Pinball Machine (2:50)
Original artist: Lonnie Irving (1960)
17. White Lightning (2:12)
Original artist: The Big Bopper (1958)
18. Beatle Bones 'n' Smokin' Stones (3:38)
Original artist: Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band (1968)
19. Why Are People Grudgeful? (4:25)
Original artist: Joe Gibbs / Lee Perry (1968). An amalgamation of two similar songs, 'People Grudgeful' by Joe Gibbs and 'People Funny Boy' by Lee Perry.
20. Mr. Pharmacist (2:17)
Original artist: The Other Half (1966)
21. Black Monk Theme Part 1 (4:28)
Original artist: Monks (1966), original title was 'I Hate You'.
22. I'm Going to Spain (3:26)
Original artist: Steve Bent (1976)
23. Jerusalem (7:01)
Written by: William Blake (words) / Hubert Parry (music)
Not a straightforward cover, but some of the words were taken from Blake's 1804 poem 'And did those Feet in Ancient Time' that Sir Hubert Parry turned into the hymn 'Jerusalem' in 1916 (from which the main melody and bass line of the Fall is derived).

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