Tuesday 25 February 2020

Elf Power - Gorging on the Elf Power

Elf Power formed in Athens, Georgia, United States in 1994. Currently, the line-up consists of guitarist/vocalist Andrew Rieger, keyboardist Laura Carter, guitarist Dave Wrathgabar, bassist Matthew Garrison, and drummer Peter Alvanos. They are part of the Elephant Six Collective. So far they have released 13 studio albums, starting with "Vainly Clutching at Phantom Limbs" in 1995 (recorded 1994), their most recent, "Twitching in Time", was released in 2017. Their 10th album, "Dark Developments", was a collaboration with Vic Chesnutt & the Amorphous Strums.

Compiling a "best" of Elf Power in my opinion would be an almost impossible task, and be at least 4 CDs in length! This collection is just a few favourites from 12 of their studio albums. I decided against including any tracks from the Chesnutt collaboration, as he wrote all the tracks and sang lead vocal, I see it more as a Chesnutt than Elf Power release. It's tough to recommend any particular album over another, as I like all of their releases, but if I was pushed to name my favourite 3 by them they'd be: "A Dream in Sound", released in 1999, "Creatures" in 2002 and "Back to the Web" in 2006.

Thanks to Manerg who suggested a few songs for inclusion, and finding the excellent artwork for this collection. As usual info containing track origin & year of release is tagged in the files and in the download file. I hope you all enjoy!

  1. The Well (3:25)
  2. Things That Should Not Be (2:46)
  3. You're Never Gonna Go to Heaven (1:59)
  4. Rolling Black Water (2:32)
  5. Walking With the Beggar Boys (2:50)
  6. Temporary Arm (2:18)
  7. Shadows in Vain (2:55)
  8. The Frightened Singers (0:43)
  9. Leopard's Teeth (3:28)
10. Heads of Dust, Hearts of Lust (1:44)
11. Little Black Holes (3:04)
12. Halloween Out Walking (2:46)
13. Total Annihilation (3:31)
14. Needles in the Camels Eyes (3:04)
15. Three Seeds (2:44)
16. All the Passengers (2:06)
17. Back to the Web (3:32)
18. Don't Let It Be (2:41)
19. Birds in the Backyard (2:32)
20. A Tired Army (2:26)
21. Drug Store (1:39)
22. Pay to Cum (1:40)
23. Carnival (0:51)
24. Watery Shreds (2:55)
25. An Old Familiar Scene (4:11)
26. Wander Through (1:59)
27. Everlasting Scream (1:59)
28. The Cracks (2:58)
29. Spectators (2:17)
30. Nothing's Going to Happen (5:39)