Friday 1 November 2019

Songs from Beneath the Spaghetti Tree Vol. 51

After the avalanche of the first 50 volumes in this series, further volumes will appear more sporadically, maybe one a month. To kick off this next batch, I will now be using for cover art photos taken by my lovely friend Sarah.  Again the same theme, many styles of music, mostly obscure artists with the odd well known thrown in. Enjoy!

  1. Churn Milk Joan - Just Bloody Lovely (3:57)
  2. Yellow Sunshine Explosion - Kaleidoscope (3:05)
  3. Fairfield Parlour - Free (4:16)
  4. Radio Birdman - Man with Golden Helmet (5:36)
  5. Bobby Hutcherson - Hello to the Wind (5:56)
  6. Toby Jug & Washboard Band - Wringing That Thing (2:49)
  7. Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes - The Rain Fell Down (3:31)
  8. Zolar X - Timeless (1:58)
  9. Claude Engel - West Coast Memories (2:20)
10. Pipi Caca - Mise en Abîme (3:00)
11. Automatic - Signal (3:03)
12. Ben Jagga - Hold on Pretty Woman (3:58)
13. Bongwater - What If? (1:47)
14. Denny King - Lucille (3:07)
15. Moondog - Dog Trot (2:22)
16. fIREHOSE - The Candle and the Flame (3:12)
17. Alex Chilton - Every Time I Close My Eyes (alt version) (1:45)
18. Dave Richmond - Confunktion (4:35)
19. PicaPica - Village Kids (3:05)
20. Orchestre Super Borgou de Parakou - Ko Guere (3:50)
21. Saccharine Trust - Longing for Ether (4:34)
22. Love - I'm With You (2:40)
23. Rose City Band - Wide Roll (4:23)

Monday 28 October 2019

Fugazi - Indefinite Hiatus

Fugazi is a post-hardcore band formed in Washington, DC. Fronted by ex-Minor Threat vocalist Ian MacKaye and ex-Rites of Spring vocalist Guy Picciotto, both on vocals and guitar, Fugazi also consists of Joe Lally on bass and Brendan Canty on drums. Since its inception, Fugazi has been self-managed and have released almost all their material through Dischord Records, an independent label founded by MacKaye and partner Jeff Nelson in 1980. The band maintained a policy of affordable access to their work through low record and ticket prices and all-ages concerts.

Says AMG All Music Guide, "Along with their stridently underground ethics — which were more out of pragmatism and modesty than anything else — they gained an extremely loyal and numerous global following. To many, Fugazi meant as much to them as Bob Dylan did to their parents."

They played their first show in the fall of 1987 and since then released 7 albums and toured the world extensively covering all 50 United States, Europe, Australia, South America, Japan and many points in between.

In addition to their recorded output Fugazi released a documentary film/video called "Instrument" in collaboration with independent filmmaker, Jem Cohen. The feature length video offers a documentary overview of the the band's career with footage shot in a variety of formats over the last 10 years combining concert, tour and studio material backed with a musical soundtrack by the band unique to the movie.

Fugazi's last musical releases were The Argument, a 10 song LP, and Furniture, a 3 song single, released in the Fall of 2001. These sessions marked the first studio appearance of long time roadie and second drummer Jerry Busher who played additional drums and percussion on a number of the tracks on both releases. The recordings were once again made in collaboration with long time Fugazi engineer Don Zientara at Inner Ear studios.
Surprisingly there's never been a best of Fugazi release. The tracks featured here come from all of their studio albums, the Instrument soundtrack, plus various EPs and singles, released between 1988-2001. The band have never officially split-up, but are on an "indefinite hiatus", giving me the title of this collection. Origin of each track included in download file/tags.

  1. Joe #1 (3:01)
  2. Waiting Room (2:53)
  3. Recap Modotti (3:46)
  4. Returning the Screw (3:14)
  5. Birthday Pony (3:07)
  6. Number 5 (3:09)
  7. Argument (4:27)
  8. Margin Walker (2:30)
  9. Nice New Outfit (3:26)
10. Reprovisional (2:15)
11. Fell, Destroyed (3:46)
12. Sweet and Low (3:34)
13. Little Debbie (1:49)
14. Life and Limb (3:08)
15. Promises (4:00)
16. Brendan #1 (2:31)
17. Suggestion (4:45)
18. Break (2:11)
19. I'm So Tired (1:58)
20. Reclamation (3:20)
21. By You (5:12)
22. Great Cop (1:51)
23. Foreman's Dog (4:21)
24. Ex-Spectator (4:18)