Saturday 17 September 2022

David Cronenberg's Wife - Bursting at the Seams


David Cronenberg's Wife is the brainchild of Stockport-born songwriter Tom Mayne. Having moved to London, following an undisclosed past in the north of England, Mayne formed DCW in late 2002.

Described as "where genius meets idiocy" by BBC Radio 2's Mark Lamarr, the band's lyrics combine dark subject matter with an off-kilter humour. They released their first single "I Couldn't Get Off" in 2007, followed up by two singles and their first album "Bluebeard's Rooms" in 2008. It was described in The Fly as "one of the albums of the year". Other reviews, however, were more critical of the album's dark subject matter and "repugnant imagery".

The band's second album "Hypnagogues" was released in November 2009, with a noticeably more personal feel to the lyrics and a less harsh sound, even approaching alt country on some of the tracks. The magazine NME called it "a promising work in progress" with Drowned in Sound naming opening song "Sweden" (the band's sixth single) "one of the tracks of the year", adding that "it stands so far out from the rest that it encumbers the rest of the album."

Their third album "Don't Wait to be Hunted to Hide" was released in December 2012, and features some of the band's most controversial songs, such as the album's first single "Spiked", which describes a date-rape from the attacker's point of view. The album's themes caused one reviewer to call it the "most truly controversial I’ve heard all year", adding that it may "upset and unsettle" some listeners.

The band had two previously unreleased tracks featured on Trashmouth Record's 2014 compilation "Thinking About Moving to Hastings" along with songs by Fat White Family, Pit Ponies and Warmduscher. In October 2018, they released a new EP, "The Octoberman Sequence", and their fourth album, "The Ship (Necrologies)", was released in March 2020. The album's first single, "Hannity Comes Home", was described by The Indiependent as one of the best singles of the first five months of the year.

Band members are currently singer & songwriter Tom Mayne, keyboard player Mary Boe, lead guitarist Adam Croucher, drummer Stuart Saunderson, violin player and guitarist Thomas Alder and bassist Jeremy Walton.

Not much I can add to the above. Yes, as stated in the bio several of their songs are rather disturbing, hence the album cover I conjured up, but they can be equally funny... for instance tracks such as "Sweden". This anthology includes tracks from all the albums mentioned in the bio, my 2 favourite albums by them being their debut "Bluebeard's Rooms" and their most recent release, "The Ship (Necrologies)". As usual with these anthologies, info containing track origin & year of release is tagged in the music files and in the download file. I hope you enjoy this latest collection!

  1. My Best Friend's Going Out With a Girl I Like (3:39)
  2. Spiked (4:17)
  3. Sweden (3:53)
  4. You Should See (5:03)
  5. Fast Life, Slow Death (2:50)
  6. Nazarbayev Applause Laughing (3:50)
  7. All of Me (3:49)
  8. Body to Sleep With (2:52)
  9. I Couldn't Get Off (3:10)
10. Such a Sweet Boy (3:15)
11. Pushin' Too Hard (2:48)
12. Organ Love (5:23)
13. Suli's House (2:40)
14. Drawn Again (6:12)
15. I'm on the Booze, Mama (4:02)
16. Jailbird (Bergegrend version) (2:48)
17. Free State Congo (3:39)
18. Rules (4:03)
19. The Russian Death Song (4:40)
20. Man (6:47)

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