Tuesday 31 October 2023

Elephant Stone - Caught in the Noise


Combining the influence of Indian classical music with the influence of British Invasion bands like the Kinks and the Beatles, Canadian neo-psychedelic outfit Elephant Stone is the brainchild of Rishi Dhir, formerly of the High Dials. The project's first album, 2009's "The Seven Seas", demonstrated Dhir's knack for breezy melodies as well as his use of instruments like sitar, dilruba, and tabla in a Western rock context. "The Glass Box" EP followed in 2010, their self-titled 2nd album appearing in 2013. Settling into a regular lineup of Dhir, Gabriel Lambert on guitar, and Miles Dupire-Gagnon on drums, their third album "Three Poisons" arrived in 2014. Their fourth LP, "Ship of Fools" was released in 2016, followed in 2020 by the band's fifth, "Hollow",  with  guitar duties now split between Lambert and Robbie MacArthur.  The French-language EP "Le Voyage de M. Lonely dans la Lune" appeared in 2022. Their sixth album "Back Into the Dream" is set for release early 2024.

My latest anthology should delight all fans of sitar-infused psychedelia. I've been a fan of the band since their first album, they've featured on several compilations posted on this blog. My favourite album by the band is probably their self-titled 2013 release; however, I wholeheartedly endorse exploring their entire discography. Their next album promises to be yet another excellent release, two tracks from which are featured here
. As usual, origin of each track & year of release is tagged in the music files and in the download file. I hope you enjoy!

  1. Motherless Child (Love's Not for War) (3:29)
2. Lies, Lies, Lies (3:19)
3. A Silent Moment (5:14)
4. Au Gallis (5:38)
5. M. Lonely (4:04)
6. The Spark (3:28)
7. The Straight Line (7:04)
8. Hollow World (4:03)
9. Sally Go Round the Sun (1:43)
10. Echo & The Machine (4:22)
11. Silence Can Say So Much (3:03)
12. Alap / Strangers (4:00)
13. Harmonia (5:09)
14. La Fusée du Chagrin (3:45)
15. Don't You Know (7:30)
16. Godstar (2:04)
17. Andromeda (3:33)
18. The Sea of Your Mind (8:32)

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