Friday 27 November 2015

A Collection of Oddities

 What it says.... A few odd tunes from the 1950s to the 1970s. Some are peculiar/insane cover versions, some are songs you wouldn't expect from a certain artist, and the rest are just... rather odd! 

Just a few words about some of the artists on this mix:
If Sparks were a 60s beat band, they would've sounded like Allen Pound's Get Rich. The Jonna Gault song sounds like it could've come from a warped version of Mary Poppins. Doug Ashdown sounds so stoned, it's hard to believe he could actually shake anything... Groove to Gert Wilden's cheesy ad music for Moulinex, for all you schlager fans out there! 

 People from the UK will probably know Rodney Bewes more as an actor, from the comedy series "Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?", well listen to his one stab at musical immortality... Then listen to the most demented version ever of "Hey Joe", from Japan's The Golden Cups. Hasil Adkins, what can I say? He was always slightly deranged, on the track featured here he sounds not just deranged, but positively psychotic. As for Mad Sound, this Danish band's contribution is their own unique version of "Hey Joe". You might not understand most of the lyrics, but what you can understand just sounds... depraved.

  1. Ron Geesin - Agitation in Anticipation of Offspring Part "W" (2:17)
  2. Allen Pound's Get Rich - Hey You (1:40)
  3. Jonna Gault and Her Symphopop Scene - Wonder Why, I Guess (2:46)
  4. Doug Ashdown - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (2:29)
  5. Gert Wilden & Orchestra - Moulinex (2:39)
  6. Dean Carter - Run Rabbit Run (1:58)
  7. Yan Tregger - Bubble Bubble (1:52)
  8. Roger Ruskin Spear - Drop Out (2:03)
  9. The Bermuda Jam - Good Trip Lollipop (4:48)
10. Ken Nordine - Flesh (1:32)
11. Doris Troy - Kill Them All! (4:14)
12. Ron Grainer Orchestra - Boy Meets Girl (2:21)
13. Tarantula Ghoul & the Gravediggers - King Kong (2:14)
14. Race Marbles - Like a Dribbling Fram (2:56)
15. Mystery Track (2:01)
16. The American Breed - Radio Spot: Temperature's Rising (1:27)
17. Randy Johnson - Fly Superman Fly (2:00)
18. Rodney Bewes - Meter Maid (3:13)
19. Jun Mayuzumi - Ai Ga Hoshii No (2:49)
20. Hasil Adkins - We Got a Date (2:42)
21. The Golden Cups - Hey Joe (5:26)
22. The Andrew Loog Oldham Orchestra - Da Doo Ron Ron (2:23)
23. The Driving Stupid - Green Things Have Entered My Skin, Gladys (2:20)
24. Saddlesore - Pig Ankle Strut (2:24)
25. Preston Epps - B'wana Bongos (1:56)
26. Mad Sound - To Masturbate (4:17)
27. Peter Sarstedt - Mary Jane (2:18)
28. The Zodiac - Leo - The Lord of Lights (2:33)
29. The Id - Boil the Kettle, Mother (2:45)

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