Thursday, 13 February 2020

A Collection of Oddities - Volume 3


Time for more peculiar tunes in the latest volume of Oddities. Whereas the previous 2 volumes only went up to the 1980s, this one features acts from the 1960s to (almost) the present day. Some of the tracks will astound you, some will have you pleading for it to stop, and some have you scratching your head...

For this post I've decided to add info normally included in the text file only, if you feel it's better listed this way let me know, though the information here is much more detailed than usual. Thanks to Manerg who suggested a few songs for inclusion on this volume, plus plenty more for the future. I hope you all, erm, enjoy!

Note: The Jack Hargreaves track, "Tench", was originally just one track with no music. I decided to split it into 6 parts and added appropriate backing music to enhance the enchanting tales of Mr. Hargreaves.