Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Oozings from the Inner Mynde - Volume 7: Colours, Strange & Antique

 1. Tages - Have You Seen Your Brother Lately (2:09)
 2. The Action - Follow Me (2:57)
 3. J.K. & Co. - Fly (4:45)
 4. Juri Camisasca - Un Fiume Di Luce (2:10)
 5. The Outsiders - Prison Song (5:36)
 6. Tuesday's Children - Strange Light From The East (2:22)
 7. Deep Feeling - On The Circle Of Life (4:03)
 8. 3 Hür-El - Haram (2:35)
 9. Don & The Goodtimes - Colors Of Life (2:44)
10. July - You Missed It All (2:46)
11. Euphoria - Through A Window (2:45)
12. Blossom Toes - You (2:45)
13. Pussy - All Of My Life (4:04)
14. The Mirage - Ebaneezer Beaver (2:17)
15. Kaleidoscope - I Found Out (2:07)
16. Hapshash And The Coloured Coat - H-O-P-P-Why? (7:33)
17. The Flies - Alexander Bell Believes (3:06)
18. Ronnie Von - A Máquina Voadora (2:45)
19. The Electric Prunes - Antique Doll (3:11)
20. Skip Bifferty - Time Track (3:28)
21. The Lemon Pipers - Through With You (9:05)
22. The Smoke - Odyssey (3:44)

FLAC: Part 1  Part 2
 MP3: Here! 


wajorama said...

OK! ... I'm finished downloading the 7 parts!! Read carefully the different songs that appear on each volume and of course the names of the volumes themselves ... and immediately a question pops out: where do the names of the volumes come from? ... Just curious!!

Again thanks a lot slugbucket for this fine work to present us with this excellent "mega-compilation"!!

slugbucket said...

It was great fun compiling all these songs, so I hope everyone enjoys. And yes, wajorama, the volume titles were all influenced by a few of the song titles in each volume. Seemed rather apt, I think. And I have to thank my good friend Manerg for helping me with that!

Tommy D said...

My dear brother Slugbucket, I just finished D/L the 7 volumes, and I'm in awe of the tremendous labor of love that went into gathering and preparing these 149 GEMS.
Such a monumental task !!!!
Infinite thanks to you my brother..

slugbucket said...

I hope you enjoy them all, Tommy D. And well done for counting exactly how many songs! I do have a 'bonus' disc to compile, of the songs that didn't quite make the 7 volumes. Hopefully that will be up sometime over the weekend.

Zig06 said...

I grew up in the world of hard rock and heavy metal. Thanks to the bloggers out there I have recently stumbled across the whole psych/prog scene. All of this is new to me and great. I'm loving it. Thanks!

Ian said...

Great work work putting these out there, thanks