Sunday, 6 May 2018

New Millennium Psychedelia, Vol. 6

Like previous volumes, this series of compilations is named in honour of Dale Simpson's facebook group, also named New Millennium Psychedelia. Dale provides the wonderful artwork for each volume , and also suggested a couple of bands for this latest edition. There are now over 3500 members (including many of the artists featured on these comps) in this group, so if you haven't joined in the fun, do it now!

Every day, members post wonderful clips of modern psychedelic music, plus links to gigs/events and artists advertising their own releases, many of which are free to download . Some of the bands featured here are relatively well known, but most are pretty obscure and just waiting to be discovered... You can find Dale's facebook group at

  1. New Candys - Patent Medicine (2:44)
  2. Cobalt Chapel - Positive Negative (5:14)
  3. The Green Pajamas - Ten Million Light Years Away (3:59)
  4. Trappist Afterland - Stripes (Isiah 53:3-9) (4:45)
  5. The Murlocs - Think Out Loud (2:42)
  6. Koes Barat - Rahasia Hatiku (4:34)
  7. Les Big Byrd - Anywhere But Here (6:13)
  8. Lake Ruth - Walter and the Taxi (3:26)
  9. Beautify Junkyards - The Masque of the Hidden Garden (3:55)
10. Electric Eye - Turn Around, Face the Sun (5:24)
11. Kikagaku Moyo - Green Sugar (7:51)
12. The Citradels - Sunday Best (2:48)
13. Green Seagull - Not Like You and Me (2:38)
14. Melody's Echo Chamber - You Won't Be Missing That Part of Me (4:15)
15. Drakkar Nowhere - Salutation to the Sun (5:28)
16. Midnight Sister - So Young (2:46)
17. The Luck of Eden Hall - A Procession of Marshmallow Soldiers Across the Clockwork Pudding (4:31)
18. Halasan Bazar & Tara King Th. - Try Their Best (6:25)


zipper said...

Great series featuring a couple of my favourites New Candys & The Luck of Eden Hall. Many thanks!

Psychfan said...

Thank you! Very nice series!