Sunday, 8 April 2018

Oozings from the Inner Mynde - Volume 28: Lights, Crazy & Unknown

 1. Canterbury Glass - Prologue (8:58)
 2. Philippe Debarge with The Pretty Things - It'll Never Be Me (4:30)
 3. Plain Jane - Not the Same (4:13)
 4. Blue Cheer - When It All Gets Old (2:58)
 5. Prúdy - Zvonky, Zvonte (3:33)
 6. The Glass Prism - To (2:29)
 7. The Knack - Lights on the Wall (2:45)
 8. Los Brincos - Kama-Sutra (7:15)
 9. John's Children - Sara, Crazy Child (2:24)
10. The Smoke - You Can't Catch Me (3:16)
11. After Tea - We Will Be There After Tea (3:02)
12. Bill Holt - Program Ten Part Six (3:50)
13. Alice Cooper - Earwigs to Eternity (1:16)
14. George Romanos - Life is a Dream (4:34)
15. Felt - Destination (6:42)
16. Chimera - The Grail (2:46)
17. Rust - Rust (3:24)
18. Danny Ben-Israel - Dawn with Hash (4:11)
19. Justine - Unknown Journey (7:02)

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Tommy Duque said...

Thanks buddy, I just got this Vol 28.
Also, I saw your request at Kamper' it is: - Pass: tommyduque - NOT MY RIP!!!

slugbucket said...

Cheers Tommy. As for your link, thanks but I managed to find it at Rockasteria. My bad for not updating my post at Kamper!

Tommy Duque said...

Great, hey buddy I wanna tell you something, sorry if it is too late over there where you are. Please write me to my e-mail: ...

Anonymous said...

always something great happening at nothing's going to happen. thanks

Anonymous said...

Hello, I miss the album in your collection: Post-Punk Mix - Vol. 1
Can you be so nice and still make your list? It would be wonderful. Many Thanks

slugbucket said...

Hi Klaus. If you look on my mixcloud you'll see a link in the description!


zipper said...

Thanks for further Oozings and the link to Post-Punk Vol.1. Cheers!

doors97426 said...

Thank You for This series and your series as well This series Oozings i'm using all of the songs from it on my Amazon cloud and playing them through my Sonos system. So each time you add another Oozings i'll add it to my cloud to random play them. These songs are so good what a great time period for music Thanks once again for all your time and work to provide this blog