Sunday, 23 December 2012

Best of 2012 mix

Another great year of music. Here's a selection of a few of my favourites, I might just have to make another volume...

   1. Birth Of Joy - No Big Day Out (3:16)
   2.  Cate Le Bon - Through The Mill (3:08)
   3. The Karovas Milkshake - Freak Out (4:17)
   4. The Lost Rivers - All Dead (For the Last 24 Miles) (3:23)
   5. Plasticstatic - Anchors Two (4:56)
   6. Jacco Gardner - A House On The Moon (3:10)
   7. Tales of Murder and Dust - Desert Flower (4:35)
   8. Dead Horse One - Alone (4:07)
   9. 50 Foot Wave - Radiant Addict (2:11)
  10. Dirty Three - Moon On The Land (4:53)
  11. Pepe Deluxé - Temple of Unfed Fire (2:48)
  12. Aqua Nebula Oscillator - Riot (4:16)
  13. The NoMen - I've Never Seen Sunny Skies (2:26)
  14. The Limiñanas  - Salvation (3:21)
  15. Beak> - Elevator (4:23)
  16. Shonen Knife - Paper Clip (3:09)
  17. The Fall - Victrola Time (3:56)
  18. Jessica Bailiff - Take Me to the Sun (So Warm, So Ready) (3:22)
  19. The Sufis - Sri Sai Flora (2:35)
  20. Eternal Tapestry - Alone Against Tomorrow (6:49)
  21. Belles Will Ring - Songs On The Avenue (3:46)

FLAC: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3
MP3: Grab here!


DanP said...

Oh yay!!! Any chance a FLAC is coming?

slugbucket said...

FLAC just added. Hope you enjoy!

MIke Brandon said...

Thank you for tagging your compilations. It makes a world of difference. OH man, does it. I don't bother with blogs like 13 Afternoon (as good as some of his home-made compilations look) because it's a royal time-waste.. even with a good tagging program like Musorg.

Bloggers who take the time to tag are super PRO in my book.

truly appreciated! the effort and ILL music.

cheers from NYC.

slugbucket said...

Thanks for the kind words Mike. I do get a bit OCD about my tagging. It's also for my benefit as well as for people who download my mixes. Note I normally put album of origin in the comments so people know which album to go searching for. Also, I have another best of 2012 mix coming up soon. Watch this space!

Tommy Duque said...

Thanks amigo for another delight.
As always, I come back for more of your generous gifts to us.