Sunday 24 March 2024

Songs from Beneath the Spaghetti Tree Vol. 94


  1. Pyrolator - Die Geschichte vom Heißgelaufenen Reißwolf (4:47)
2. Melenas - Dos Pasajeros (5:26)
3. The Hanging Stars - Silver Rings (2:43)
4. Manuel De Sica - Pedale (1:58)
5. LAIR - Mencari Selamat (3:09)
6. Happy End - Kakurenbo (4:30)
7. John Parish & Aldous Harding - Three Hours (4:32)
8. Kaleidoscope - Keep Your Mind Open (2:15)
9. Iron Knowledge - African Piano Song (3:37)
10. Kavus Torabi - Snake Humanis (3:27)
11. Magick Brother & Mystic Sister - The Hierophant (3:18)
12. Alexander Spence - Land of the Sun (4:21)
13. Circus 2000 - You Aren't Listening (4:59)
14. Men from S.P.E.C.T.R.E. - Eat Fire (4:19)
15. Wurld Series - The Giant's Lawn Part II (2:28)
16. The Glass Family - Sometimes You Wander (Henry's Tune) (2:56)
17. Arab Strap - Compersion, Pt. 1 (3:35)
18. Peter Thomas - Jump and Fly (2:21)
19. Dolly Mixture - The Same Mistake (3:03)
20. Me and My Kites - Regnbågen (Djurby) (4:37)
21. Lucas Croon - Krautwickel (7:19)

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Javier said...

Hi mate! Thank you so much, opening the treasure box just now! :-)

slugbucket said...

Hi Javier. It's been a few months since the last Spaghetti Tree, I hope it didn't disappoint!

Javier said...

You know what? It's one of my favourites of the whole series. What a great collection of songs. Thank you so much my friend.

Nick O'Siris said...

So much music available these days and not enough time to listen. I mean I already listen to more music than most (all) persons I know but still. I didn't download this one at first (or the Flying Nun comp) because I probably haven't listened to the last couple of slugbucket offerings yet. But if Javier says it's especially good I'd better pull my finger out. There's a Japanese word "Tsundoku" which means something like buying loads of books and letting them pile up in your home without reading them. That's me with digital music. I'm going to have to leave very specific instructions in my will about what to do with everything. Jeez more work. Cheers slugbucket!

Javier said...

Hi Nick, thank you for the part that concerns me in your comment ;-). It truly is a magnificent volume, from the first to the last song you can feel the great instinct and exquisite taste for what is special about our host.

zipper said...

Love this series...cheers SB!

Anonymous said...

slugbucket in stereo!