Saturday 18 November 2023

Songs from Beneath the Spaghetti Tree Vol. 93


Getting closer to the magical 100th volume...! As long as there is interest I'll keep on posting further volumes until not humanly possible. The cover art of this volume features my beloved cat Iggy who sadly passed away last month. Forgive the crude photoshopping! Hope you enjoy this latest volume and thanks once again for all the lovely comments. Cheers!

  1. Emma Anderson - Taste the Air (3:27)
2. Matt Berry - Top Brass (3:43)
3. Summer Rain - Turn On Your Love Light (2:25)
4. Robert Calvert - The Greenfly & the Rose (3:37)
5. Gong - All Clocks Reset (4:09)
6. Plasticstatic - The Somnambulist (5:22)
7. Instant Flight - Under the Moonlight (3:28)
8. Erny Belle - Crypto (3:21)
9. Ruiz! - The Human Touch (3:29)
10. ATA Records - Fear on Phobos (1:37)
11. Bowes Road Band - I Hear a Knocking (3:22)
12. The Pretty Things - The Good Mr. Square / She Was Tall, She Was High (2:59)
13. Melody Fields - Going Back (4:25)
14. Golden Pop Orchester - Weiße Elefanten (3:35)
15. Huw Marc Bennett - Pinc Sunset (3:49)
16. London Odense Ensemble - Desert Star Leaf (3:16)
17. Low & Spring Heel Jack - Way Behind (4:55)
18. Hungária - Die Farben der Natur (4:29)
19. Sewell and The Gong - Passing Oort Clouds (4:19)
20. Fat White Family - When I Leave (5:30)
21. Ty Segall - My Room (4:17)

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Stu said...

Many thanks Monsieur slugbucket for sharing Songs from Beneath the Spaghetti Tree Vol. 93 , as always I appreciate your time & effort that goes into maintaing your wonderful blog....Love & Peace Stu

Nick O'Siris said...

I assure you there is interest! This one looks like a classic and I haven't even listened yet. Usually I know only two or three of the acts on SFBTST compilations but I'm up to about eight or nine on this one, and I actually know three of these tunes. RIP Iggy.

Javier said...

Very nice, mate, as usually. Thank you so much for your work and wonderful taste!

zipper said...

Always interested in the Spag Tree comps., an excellent blend of music and era's. What's not to like? Long may you reign. Cheers SB!