Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Psychedelic Obscurities Volume 1 (remastered)

Finally, here is the one which started it all off. As described in my original post here of this mix,  it was first compiled around 10 years ago, but in mp3 format only. I updated it to FLAC and posted here a year later, and now we have what should be the final version of this mix. 

Those of you who downloaded previous versions will notice that I've changed the track by Autosalvage. "Land of Their Dreams" was mistakenly repeated on Volume 5, now replaced by the opening track "Auto Salvage" from their sole album. You'll also note I've included in all volumes a text file which has the full tracklisting plus album of origin and year of release/recording. I hope you all enjoy this new improved version!

Disc 1:
  1. The Human Beinz - The Face (2:42)
  2. Golden Dawn - Starvation (2:50)
  3. The United States of America - Coming Down (2:37)
  4. Godz - Down by the River (3:43)
  5. Kaleidoscope - Dive into Yesterday (4:44)
  6. The Stillroven - Cast Thy Burden Upon the Stone (2:44)
  7. Neighb'rhood Childr'n - Patterns (3:22)
  8. The Attack - Mr Pinnodmy's Dilemma (4:26)
  9. Public Nuisance - Holy Man (2:37)
10. J.K. & Co. - O.D. (3:18)
11. The Savage Resurrection - Thing in 'E' (3:02)
12. Time - Waking (2:45)
13. Euphoria - Did You Get the Letter (5:33)
14. We the People - St. John's Shop (version 2) (2:25)
15. The Electric Banana - Alexander (3:11)
16. The Orient Express - Layla (3:37)
17. White Noise - Firebird (3:02)
18. Alice Cooper - Living (3:12)
19. Blossom Toes - I'll Be Late for Tea (2:40)
20. Sunforest - And I Was Blue (2:50)
21. The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - I Won't Hurt You (2:21)
22. Apple - Buffalo Billycan (3:05)
23. The Vejtables - Time and Place (3:46)
24. Twink - Ten Thousand Words in a Cardboard Box (4:29)

Disc 2:
  1. Beacon Street Union - My Love Is (3:07)
  2. Group 1850 - Friday I'm Free (2:52)
  3. Tintern Abbey - Vacuum Cleaner (3:04)
  4. Markley - Next Plane to the Sun (2:12)
  5. Brigade - Self Made God (4:04)
  6. Beauregard Ajax - Deaf Priscilla (2:22)
  7. Phluph - In Her Way (3:02)
  8. The David - Time M (3:55)
  9. Federal Duck - Tomorrow Waits for Today (3:05)
10. Summerhill - Friday Morning's Paper (2:32)
11. The C.A. Quintet - Dr. of Philosophy (2:06)
12. Moonkyte - Jelly Man (2:43)
13. The Five Day Week Straw People - Car Wash (3:26)
14. Morgen - Welcome to the Void (4:44)
15. St. John Green - Canyon Women (2:52)
16. Five Day Rain - Good Year (4:00)
17. Fat Mattress - I Don't Mind (3:49)
18. Plastic Cloud - Art's a Happy Man (3:09)
19. Kennélmus - Think for Yourself (2:49)
20. Trevor McNamara - Silver (3:27)
21. Chrysalis - Dr Root's Garden (4:12)
22. The Animated Egg - Sock It My Way (3:22)
23. Autosalvage - Autosalvage (5:32)
24. The Factory - Try a Little Sunshine (3:33)


S R Management said...

Thanks, for the music and the drop box format.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this and the Psychedelic Obscurities series.
Great compilations!

zipper said...

Thanks for the upgrades and additional info.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your psychedelic obscurities series very much, most of it was useless but there were some real gems to be found. Brigade, Mother Tuckers Yellow Duck, Five Day Rain to name a few. Real highlight the Alice Cooper "Living" song even though the album it comes from has to be one of the worst of the 60's. Thanks for making my lonely Xmas break a little better. Alex S.

slugbucket said...

Thanks for the comment, Alex S, though I apologise deeply for those comps being mostly "useless". Maybe if you could go into greater detail what exactly was useless about them, then I could attempt to make all future compilations less "useless". Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Yeah sorry, when i said useless i meant to say filler. What i mean by that is the awful British idiosyncratic take on the authentic Psychedelic Rock sound, the kind of stuff only Damon Albarn likes & considers valid. There's a lot of that stuff scattered throughout your series. Having said that, i enjoyed the work & detail you put into it & i can't thank you enough for that. Other highlights i forgot to mention are The Electric Banana, The Savage Resurrection & Sunforest. I still have to go through Vol. 4 & 5 & that's only because the Brigade album is so good, it kept me busy for the last couple of days. Once again i can't thank you enough. Greetings from Sydney. Alex S.

Manerg said...

Hi Alex S.

Thank you for the interesting and intriguing posts above.
'British idiosyncratic take on the authentic Psychedelic Rock sound&. Would it be possible to elaborate further on this?

Also, you describe the compilation as mostly filler. Could you give examples of what is filler and maybe what you would include in its place?

I look forward to your reply.

Happy new year

Andy Tithesis said...

Alex S whom has since gone anonymous seemingly is just playing the pretentious record collector fop. I wouldn't let it stir as much as I'd whisk it and never think about it again fam. I mean maybe his back handed compliment really was meant to be in the best spirit but his undoubtedly young and fresh ears are coming from a more plastic place than the sedimentary quarry you older rollers are. The name drop alone though in sleight is also a Freudian slip and besmirches where it was old upside down Alexis came from recently. You eventually turn on your heroes when full of the cockish yute juice ya know and so it goes like a dipstick fencing a sword. I try to always mind by that since music is relative anyways (or so the weasel worded phrase goes) then really everything sucks and/or is "filler". At least to someone somewhere. One man's trash... blah blah derp. Until anyone puts a link up to their own to be judged against the efforts I wouldn't waste your good manners in response. That just feeds the ugly beast. Or give a whistle and I can sneak up behind and slit their throats as I enjoy the gargle sounds as well. I mean that metaphorically. Sometimes. But really so far I am impressed and thankful I found this place and best that it is still maintained. No easy task especially with dickheads from down under the skirt. That reminds me of a funny story that happened to me once but I'll save it for the next time as I've said enough. Anyways much love. Not a single complaint from this fellow mendicant. Oi. w/♥ -Andy Tithesis ☻

slugbucket said...

Thanks for your comments, Andy & Manerg. Regarding Alex S, I wasn't too worried about what he saw as "useless" or "filler", and like you said Andy the silence from Alex is somewhat telling... My first response to him was a little bit sarcastic, maybe that didn't read as such! I did begin to formulate a lengthier response but I feel Manerg more or less captured what I was going to say. Anyway, this chapter is now closed, maybe one day Alex will erase Blur (or Albarn) from his memory and begin to appreciate the "British idiosyncratic take on the authentic Psychedelic Rock sound".

BTW, I'd love to be enlightened on what actually is the authentic psychedelic rock sound, so if somebody out there has the answer please don't hesitate to educate us with your knowledge.

Bad4good said...

Just discovered this Blogspot. At first triggered by the SPaghetti series ...

75 volumes already? Where to start. Volume 1, I guess.

Thinking about the work of compiling this, as well as filling all the ID-tags for the songs, the info files, etc. is realy MINDBLOWING.

Thnaks a lot for the dedication, as well as for sharing that with the "world out there".

For sure, as with all compilations, I probably won't like some of it, but what pulls me in is the sheer fact of "discovery"...

You'll never know what you will discover that you really like, but didn't know before. It's the journey that's fun, not the destination.

Thanks a million.