Saturday, 14 July 2018

Carnivals and Cotton Candy Volume 1 - Highest Dreams

As promised a long while back, here is a "sunshine pop" compilation, and the first of what should be at least 3 volumes.  Thanks go to Manerg who helped with many song suggestions plus the main title of these compilations, and also a big shoutout to Frank, Nelson and Sonic for helping me out over at

  1. Oxfords - My World (3:16)
  2. Tandyn Almer - Victims of Chance (3:31)
  3. Twinn Connexion - I Think I Know Him (2:48)
  4. The Free Design - Butterflies are Free (3:17)
  5. Philamore Lincoln - The Plains of Delight (3:10)
  6. Hep Stars - Enter the Young (2:47)
  7. The Parade - The Radio Song (2:39)
  8. Don & The Goodtimes - I Could Never Be (2:21)
  9. Dana Gillespie - London Social Degree (2:04)
10. Mark Eric - Sad Is the Way That I Feel (3:02)
11. The Blades of Grass - Tomorrow Is My Turn (2:23)
12. Puff - Who Do You Think You Are (2:27)
13. Paul Williams - Someday Man (2:49)
14. The Robbs - Rapid Transit (2:41)
15. The Twilights - Bessemae (3:05)
16. Del Shannon - It's My Feeling (2:16)
17. Shaun Harris - Highest Dreams (2:09)
18. MC Squared - Smilin' (2:38)
19. The Love Generation - Magic Land (2:09)
20. Dotti Holmberg - I Sing My Song (2:32)
21. Richard Twice - Your Love Like Heaven Be (2:08)
22. The Zombies - Brief Candles (3:28)
23. The Sundowners - Always You (2:54)
24. The Peppermint Trolley Company - Trust (2:39)
25. Doug Randle - Isn't It a Pity? (3:15)
26. The New Wave - The Shade of the Sun (2:23)
27. Chamaeleon Church - Flowers in the Field (2:24)
28. Wendy & Bonnie - Endless Pathway (3:36)
29. Dino, Desi and Billy - Thru Spray-Colored Glasses (1:55)


YankeeBoy said...

I always love your comps! Thank you.

Tommy Duque said...

Thanks bud... Great selections as always.

chico said...

Very nice choice of songs for this compilation.I love sunshine pop.Thanks for your work.

doors97426 said...

Thank You Much Great Collection of tunes I agree your comp's are awesome

Manerg said...

Thanks mate. Another gem of a compilation.
Thanks for all of the hard work...

Superbillie1 said...

Very nice blog here and a fine selection for the sunshine pop collection. I am here for the first time and hope for more sunshine pop. Thanks for the hard work.

Anonymous said...

awesomeness as always

big thanks

zipper said...

Great selection and looking forward to further volumes. One song that I've never seen on any sunshine pop collection is the version of Jim Webb's Pattern People by Glenn Weston released on UK Columbia in August '67. Also recorded by The 5th Dimension & The Bystanders Glenn's version is really good but I've yet to see it crop up anywhere and seems to have fallen through the cracks. Thanks again for a superb comp. Cheers!

slugbucket said...

Thanks everyone, I hope you all enjoyed this first volume.

Zipper, I've been looking for the version of Pattern People by Glenn Weston and had no luck whatsoever. I did find a decent version of the song by The Family Dogg but that's proved elusive too... Maybe someone somewhere has either version?

Anonymous said...

excellent comp - obviously you know sunshine pop very well - cant wait for more!!!

wcpaeb said...

Thanks, good stuff, but surprised you didn't include Love's Orange Skies