Sunday, 9 April 2017

Oozings from the Inner Mynde - Volume 23: Shines, Carnival & Chair

   1. The New York Rock & Roll Ensemble - Studeao Atlantis (2:58)
   2. Jolliver Arkansaw - Gray Afternoon (3:09)
   3. MC Squared - Bornatzätt (3:01)
   4. Leviathan - Time (3:58)
   5. Ford Theatre - 101 Harrison Street (9:24)
   6. Majority One - Rainbow Rocking Chair (2:23)
   7. Elizabeth - Fields of Home (3:16)
   8. The Loot - Radio City (2:11)
   9. The Unspoken Word - Anniversary of My Mind (2:33)
 10. The Pandamonium - I Am What I Am (3:49)
 11. Fenner, Leland & O´Brien - Uncle America (3:38)
 12. The Summer Sounds - The Leaves Are Turning Brown (4:17)
 13. O.W.L. - Midnight Carnival (8:26)
 14. Zen - Tiny Little Bee (3:16)
 15. The Churchill Downs - The Amazing Three (2:47)
 16. Rebecca and the Sunny Brook Farmers - What Do You Think of the War? (5:16)
 17. P.C. Kent - After Dark (2:36)
 18. Max Frost and The Troopers - Shine It On (2:29)
 19. Spirits & Worm - Sunny Please Hold Me (3:39)
 20. Eclection - St. George & the Dragon (Up the Night) (4:55)


Anonymous said...

hands down the BEST PSYCH COMP EVER!

so happy to see this series continues

THANK YOU for bringing these GREAT

juan manuel muñoz said...

like always, great compilation, many thanks

slugbucket said...

Thanks Juan and Anon. Not sure about the best psych comp ever, but I try my best! There will be a further volume, but not until later in the year.

zipper said...

Great series....cheers!

Anonymous said...

i go by psyker & the znowman elsewhere in the psych universe

taken as a whole - 23 volumes now approaching 500 songs - and every one is wonderful psychedelia with no duds. great stuff!

your fantastic oozing comps are the best i have ever found, and i have more than a few here. a great intro to psychedelic music!

thanks for all your effort!

slugbucket said...

Thanks znowman for the kind words. I don't get that many comments on my blog but words like yours keep me inspired! And thanks to zipper too, as well as everyone else who has enjoyed my blog (so far). :)

Anonymous said...

was on blogger for many years. no longer. you have many, many more appreciative audience than ever is visible. thanks from us all

oozings 24

bloodrock, texas, albums 1, 2, 3 - 1970, 1971, 1971

seriously accomplished and tasty tasty tasty psych/prog rock that i've enjoyed since about... well, 1970

aha haha ha, friend... just trying to hasten that 'later in the year' :)

what you choose, always, is best & most welcomed - cheers