Saturday, 29 October 2016

The 2nd Worst Prog Album in the World!

Continuing from the previous "Worst" prog album, more obscurities but with a few more familiar names this time around. 

  1. Amon Düül II - Wolf City (3:13)
  2. Collusion - Song of Pity (4:59)
  3. Le Orme - Era Inverno (5:00)
  4. Dr. Z - Summer for the Rose (4:21)
  5. G.F. Fitz-Gerald - Under and Over the Waterfall (2:36)
  6. Dancer - Mind the Houses (4:38)
  7. O Terço - Ponto Final (4:35)
  8. Gong - You Can't Kill Me (6:14)
  9. Nyl - Ibha (3:51)
10. Matching Mole - Nan True's Hole (3:36)
11. Brainticket - Egyptian Kings (5:50)
12. Pazop - What Is the Further Purpose (3:10)
13. Catapilla - Charing Cross (6:27)
14. Premiata Forneria Marconi - Grazie Davvero (5:47)
15. Diabolus - Lady of the Moon (3:49)
16. Magma - Weïdorje (4:28)
17. Marsupilami - And the Eagle Chased the Dove to It's Ruin (6:35)

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juan manuel muñoz said...

thanks my frien, best wishes

zipper said...

I first came across Nothing's Going To Happen a few months back. I think someone over at the Twilight Zone gave you a mention and I'm certainly glad they did. You have a wonderful site here and over the last few months I've trawled through the archive finding such gems as the Oozings compilations, the Post Punk and Folk Extractions collections not forgetting A Collection of Oddities and the Worst Prog album series. All wonderful stuff and I thank you very much for sharing all this fine music.

I've become a regular visitor to NGTH and I look forward to more great sounds in the future. Cheers and thanks again.

slugbucket said...

Thanks for the kind words, zipper & juan, always appreciated, and glad you've enjoyed my various collections. Most blogs just post whole albums which is fine, but I like to offer something a little bit different. Hopefully for a few people a gateway into kinds of music they've never really explored before. On that note, I could do with a few ideas from any bloggers out there for other kinds of compilations they might enjoy.

zipper said...

Also meant to mention that I also enjoyed your Best Of collections and New Millennium Psychedelia comps.

Any ideas you ask....well my eyes always light up when I see a sunshine pop collection and anything shoegaze & dreampop. Then again I've probably got enough of these types of music already to make my own collections. Maybe one day....

slugbucket said...

Good idea zipper, for a sunshine pop collection, cheers. I made one for my mixcloud but not on here so I should replicate that here. I'll also have a "Best of 2016" posted within next couple of days, with another to be made a few weeks later.

zipper said...

I look forward to the Sunshine Pop collection and the Best of 2016. Cheers!