Thursday, 3 March 2016

I Don't Get It: Rarities and B-sides

This mix is more or less as the cover states. There is the odd album track, such as Able Tasmans' "Little Hearts" from the album "A Cuppa Tea and a Lie Down", this track was criminally overlooked on the compilation "Songs from the Departure Lounge". A few of the songs here have only ever been issued on vinyl or as non album track b-sides, such as the Bored Games track and The Bats "Slow Alight", which is a different version to the one on the album "Silverbeet". Oh, and a slight cheat here, all the tracks on this compilation have been released on Flying Nun over the years apart from the live version of The Clean's "Point That Thing Somewhere Else" which was released on the live album "Slush Fund", and released on Arclife Records. More info on origin of all the tracks here are included in the upload. Enjoy!

01. Able Tasmans - Little Hearts (4:03)
02. Snapper - Cause of You (3:43)
03. The Chills - Green Eyed Owl (5:30)
04. Graeme Jefferies - Prisoner of a Single Passion (4:42)
05. Chris Knox - Wanna Die With You (2:47)
06. 3Ds - Baby's on Fire (4:10)
07. Bored Games - I Don't Get It (3:28)
08. Bailter Space - Now I Shall Live (5:34)
09. Peter Jefferies and Jono Lonie - Thief With the Silver (2:05)
10. Pop Art Toasters - I Won't Hurt You (2:41)
11. The Bats - Slow Alight (4:41)
12. Tall Dwarfs - The Ear Friend (7:33)
13. The Terminals - Blistering Heart (1:59)
14. Bilders - Accident (5:08)
15. Alpaca Brothers - Wilderness (3:01)
16. Jay Clarkson - Loose End (5:04)
17. Headless Chickens - Monkey Jar (5:31)
18. Able Tasmans - Nelson the Cat?!! (0:26)
19. The Clean - Point That Thing Somewhere Else (live) (5:33)

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