Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Flour - Flour

Artist: Flour
Title: Flour   
Released: 1988   
Label: Touch And Go   
Catalog#: T&GLP#33   
Country: USA   
Style: Rock, Alternative, Indie Rock


A1. Love (4:55)
A2. Red (2:11)
A3. Accordion (2:59)
A4. Fade to Grey (2:34)
A5. Coffee (3:14)
B1. Intro (3:37)
B2. One by One (2:11)
B3. There's Blood in My Food (3:34)
B4. Mirror on the Ceiling (2:00)
B5. Outro (3:52)
B6. Starts a Fire (3:03)

FLAC:  Here!
MP3:  Here! 

As bassist for two of the finest post-punk/guitar noise bands of their era, Breaking Circus and Rifle Sport (the latter also contained Todd Trainer, later of Brick Layer Cake and Shellac), Pete "Flour" Conway had a hand in shaping both the harsh Chicago sound of the mid-'80s and its more loosely defined Minneapolis counterpart. He also released four consistently good solo albums of claustrophobic noise, of which Fourth and Final is, as the title suggests, the last. Flour toured as a live band twice with a lineup that featured Steve Albini on bass and former Breaking Circus percussionist Todd Trainer on drums before they went on to form the band Shellac.

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