Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Worst Prog Album In The World!

For many people, the idea of progressive rock is the likes of Emerson Lake and Palmer, Yes, Gentle Giant and early Genesis. But if you were to dig deeper, you'd find many other bands who never broke through to major success. Bands like the ones on this compilation, who had their roots in  psychedelic music, but took as influence many different genres to accomplish what, for me, is truly progressive rock. One thing I can guarantee,  there are no excess guitar/drum/keyboard solos to be found here! So, for a slightly different take on prog rock, and to hopefully draw in those who shy away from it, here is "The Worst Prog Album In The World!". I hope you enjoy...

  1. Baba Scholae - Half Day (3:56)
  2. Burnin Red Ivanhoe - Avez-Vous Kaskelainen? (4:45)
  3. Locomotive - Rain (3:22)
  4. Visitors - Visitors (3:34)
  5. T2 - J.L.T. (5:50)
  6. Earth and Fire - 21st Century Show (4:14)
  7. Stackridge - Teatime (5:48)
  8. Oho - Brown Algae Is Attractive (2:18)
  9. Goblin - Profondo Rosso (3:41)
10. Shuttah - Imjin (5:00)
11. My Solid Ground - Devonshire Street W1 (3:26)
12. Hot Thumbs O'Riley - Harmless Vibration (2:35)
13. Culpeper's Orchard - Teaparty For An Orchard (6:11)
14. Message - When I'm Home (7:44)
15. East of Eden - Northern Hemisphere (5:04)
16. Food Brain - Liver Juice Vending Machine (3:18)
17. Galliard - In Your Mind's Eyes (6:28)

  Download FLAC :  Part 1  Part 2
  Download mp3   : Here!


Anonymous said...

amazing blog
thanks so much for these

Anonymous said...

I love compilations from connaiseurs of music and i was waiting for another one on your blog because i liked the oozings comps very much and this progcomp is excellent too, i prefer psychedelic but you have choosen the right material for my taste, like Culpeppers Orchard which is great. I also like the Cynics and the Mono Men and thank you for the great Meat Puppets single i never knew it existed. Your comps are a peace of art and musical archeology. A thankful listener from germany

slugbucket said...

Thanks for the kind words. It's knowing people enjoy my compilations which inspires me to make more. I haven't posted so many this year but hope to have another one posted before the year ends.

David Zoller said...

Well, the common sense on artrock you mentioned is just the real HIDEOUS music to me, kind more of an anti-rock then an art-rock. So I may can enjoy this one...