Saturday, 23 March 2013

Oozings from the Inner Mynde - Volume 18: Smiles, Jelly & Golden

This will be the final Oozings compilation. What started off way back when as just 7 volumes soon escalated to a grand scale. But with each volume it became increasingly harder to seek out bands not featured before, and why there was a longer gap in each volume being compiled. So, I figured it best to end on a high, with Volume 18.

  1. Mecki Mark Men - Being Is More Than Life (2:43)
  2. Eyes Of Blue - Prodigal Son (5:30)
  3. Bold - Friendly Smile (2:51)
  4. Odyssey - Come Back (3:28)
  5. Blue Mountain Eagle - Yellow's Dream (2:45)
  6. Denny Gerrard - Native Sun (3:49)
  7. Morning Glory - Jelly Gas Flame (4:35)
  8. United Travel Service - Gypsy Eyes (2:21)
  9. The Electronic Hole - The Golden Hour Part III (3:48)
10. The Strollers - Children (2:25)
11. Ellie Pop - Seems I've Changed (2:21)
12. Friar Tuck - Where Did Your Mind Go? (3:33)
13. Saint Steven - Bastich I (3:07)
14. The Art of Lovin' - Paul's Circus (3:13)
15. Bloomsbury People - Birdsong (3:36)
16. Samson - Mars (4:47)
17. Bump - The Song (3:11)
18. Rockadrome - Very Strange (3:11)
19. Lee Michaels - Love (5:07)
20. Faine Jade - Cold Winter Sun Symphony in D Major (3:10)
21. The Poets - In Your Tower (2:30)
22. The Koobas - Circus (5:40)



juan manuel muñoz said...

bienvenido y muchas gracias

Tommy Duque said...

Well my friend, this has been one of the few best compilations ever !!
My hat off to you.
I hate to see an end to this wonderful ride, but I also understand the difficult task this represented to you,
I hope that on occasions you would be finding more material, and continue releasing more comps.
Best wishes to you.

Philipp said...

Your Sampler are always greatful. Do you have also music from The Crystal Syphon - Family Evil US 1967-68 Psychedelic Rock? Many thanks for upload in lossless!

slugbucket said...

Thanks for the kind words Tommy. Yes, I'll be doing more compilations, plenty more volumes of Psychedelic Obscurities to come, featuring bands who've all been on Oozings.

Also, I don't have that album, Philipp, but if I did I'd definitely post a track or 2 on future psych comps. I don't post full albums here by bands, plenty of other blogs do that, I just like to bring attention to these long forgotten bands hoping people will go out and find the albums (and hopefully buy) for themselves!

Anonymous said...

your oozings comps are simply THE BEST EVER ANYWHERE PERIOD