Sunday, 8 April 2012

New Millennium Psychedelia, Vol. 1

A new psychedelic compilation, featuring artists from the 21st century. This series of compilations is named in honour of Dale Simpson's wonderful facebook group, also named New Millennium Psychedelia. Almost 500 members have joined the group at the time of writing, so feel free to join in the fun. Every day many wonderful youtube clips of psychedelic music from the 21st Century (also many from the distant past...) are posted. I've discovered some great bands, some of which are featured here. 

Dale provided the lovely album artwork, so many thanks once again. I hope you enjoy, and here is the link to the facebook group:

   1. The Movements - Trapped On Earth (5:28)

   2. Dean Allen Foyd - Queen Machine (4:41)
   3. Sleepy Sun - Golden Artifact (3:43)
   4. Tame Impala - Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind? (3:19)
   5. Baby Woodrose - Spinning Wheels of Fire (2:33)
   6. The Soundcarriers - Step Outside (4:22)
   7. The Moles - Neptune's Beard (4:39)
   8. Sunray - Tomorrow (3:40)
   9. The Keys - Fire Inside (3:12)
  10. Liquid Visions - Moonspell (5:51)
  11. Dead Skeletons - Ask Seek Knock (6:01)
  12. Hills - Claras Vaggvisa (3:16)
  13. (The Sounds Of) Kaleidoscope - Secret Service (4:07)
  14. Three Dimensional Tanx - Baby Universe (4:23)
  15. The Dolly Rocker Movement - The Ecstasy Once Told (5:03)
  16. Dungen - Bortglömd (4:27)
  17. All In The Golden Afternoon - The Pool Of Tears (2:38)
  18. The Embrooks - Emilia Burrows (4:02)
  19. Magdalena Solis - Seven Boys And Seven Girls (4:18)

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DanP said...

Well definitely, my man, I am all about this! FLAC for the home stereo and MP3 for the road! THANK YOU!!! I can see that this comp will be bothe a pleasure and an education.

DanP said...

I've listened to most of the tracks and all I can say is WHAT A GREAT COLELCTION! A revelation! Thanks again!

DanP said...

Slugbucket, I have a question--where does that All In The Golden Afternoon track come from? It doesn't appear to be on the self-titled EP which is the only one of theirs I know of. Thanks!

Mark said...

Thank you, lots of hard work creating these dreat compilations!

slugbucket said...

Hi Dan. They have the album on their bandcamp page. You can buy it digitally, as I did, from here:

ge said...

thanks; about to give these groups a shot-- frankly, most current or '80s-'90s bands who tried for a 60's vibe leave me cold....but one that does do a great job [at least on this cut] =

Alpaca said...

Excelent job!